Nature Reviews 20th Anniversary

Nature Reviews was launched with the vision of creating the premier source for non-primary scientific content – highly polished, beautifully illustrated, narrative reviews by the top scientists in the field. Our aim has always been to monitor significant developments in the fields we cover and provide summary content in digestible formats for our time-poor readers, be they students or be they professors. 

Our 20th anniversary celebrates the launches of Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology and Nature Reviews Neuroscience.

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To celebrate this milestone, we have delved into our archives to curate a Collection of cutting-edge articles, historical pieces and thought-provoking commentaries.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary we selected articles that highlight various methodologies, approaches and technologies being used in the field.

NRMCB is 20! To mark this anniversary, we selected 20 Reviews in 10 core areas of the journal.

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Find out from our Chief Editors on what it is like to run a Reviews journal.

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"Researchers have an increasing focus and responsibility to contribute towards solving the world's most pressing challenges, from curing diseases to addressing the pressures our planet faces from climate change. As research becomes more collaborative, our journals distil the diversity of perspectives to guide readers through the literature, providing researchers with the tools they need to push the boundary of discovery. Alongside our longer-format articles, the Nature Reviews journals present expert opinions and perspectives, news and analysis across the scientific spectrum."

Mina Razzak

Editorial Director, Nature Reviews

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